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Samata Therapy

Samata originates from the Sanskrit language and is an idea from Buddhism that translates to “evenness,” that is being balanced and grounded even in a state of hardship or stress. Samata Therapy aims to connect you to your natural ability to handle the hard stuff in life, and it does this by aligning its practice with its vision, mission, and values.



Samata Therapy envisions a trauma-informed society that is compassionate to the suffering of individuals, families, and communities and promotes their holistic healing.


Samata Therapy aims to support your holistic healing by gently guiding you towards your innate ability for self-healing and allowing it to process your emotions and stress.

Breathwork, mindfulness, and restorative yoga are used to bring consciousness to your body-stored stress and trauma and release its emotional and physical tension.

Counselling provides you with a space for compassionate listening, where we safety explore the mind's story, and integrate it into the body's memory to realize holistic healing.

Within a nurturing space, Samata Therapy aims to ground you into the present moment and gently guide you back to yourself with hope and resiliency.


Samata Therapy

Guides Its Practice With These Values

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