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Mindfulness-Based Somatic Therapy

Somatic Therapy in Vancouver

MBST is a body-centred approach that uses breathwork, mindfulness, and therapeutic yoga to access your body's innate ability to self-heal your emotional pain and trauma. Our body knows how to heal, it is always trying to heal, and with these techniques we can allow healing of our deepest pains to naturally unfold.



Breathwork is the body's medium for processing difficult emotions and releasing body-stored tension. MBST uses breathwork to activate your inner ability for self-healing and ground you into the present.



Mindfulness shifts awareness inward to the internal experience of the body's sensations. MBST uses mindfulness to track sensations experienced alongside emotions to process emotional pain and trauma.


Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic yoga is used to establish a calm and nurturing state. MBST uses restorative postures to put your body in a state of rest, so that we can safely access your body-stored stress and trauma.

MBST supports your healing journey by addressing the core issues underlying emotional and physical symptoms. Body-stored stress and trauma can manifest into symptoms such as: 


Chronic Pain



Relationship Issues

Women's Issues



Substance Use Issues

Ready to Reclaim Hope?

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