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One-to-One Counselling in Vancouver

Individual counselling is time for you -- time for you to be acknowledged, heard, and seen. Here, at Samata Therapy, you will be offered a compassionate and safe space to explore life-long patterns, move forward from the past, and grow into your authentic self - mind, body and soul. 

Individual Counselling


Process painful life events & trauma

Develop coping & stress-management skills

Build self-awareness for habits & patterns

Feel more connected to yourself

Individual counselling can help you:

Recognize your inherent strengths & values

Together, we can reconnect you to your innate ability for self-healing, rebuild trust with yourself and, reclaim hope for the life you dream of.


Individual Standard

$135 | 50 Minute Session


Individual Extended

$175 | 80 Minute Session


Get Started

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